Instructor App Review

Total Drive often get asked what are the differences of driving instructor software Total Drive, MyDriveTime and YLoo.
From free legally binding terms and repeating lessons in the app to pupil selfies and in-app payments.


App Diary Total Drive MyDriveTime YLoo
1, 3, 5 & 7 Day Diary in Android & iOS Yes No No
Tap the Diary Grid-Click to Add Lesson Yes No No
Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly Lesson Repeats Yes No No
Lesson Gap Facility Yes No No
Portrait & Horizontal Diary View in App Yes No No
Private Lesson Notes in App Yes No No
Online & Offline App Yes Yes No
Google & Apple Calendar Sync Yes Yes No
Print Diary Yes Yes No
Student Records Total Drive MyDriveTime YLoo
Reporting – Reflective Logs Yes No No
Reporting – Lesson Summaries Yes No No
Record – Contact Details & Driving Details Yes Yes Yes
Record – Future & Past Lessons Yes Yes Yes
Record – Driving Tests Yes Yes Yes
Waiting List Yes Yes No
Move Students Back to Waiting List Yes No No
Syllabus – Customise Progress Keys Yes No No
Syllabus – Customise Progress Categories Yes Yes No
Legally Binding Terms & Conditions Yes Yes No
Finances Total Drive MyDriveTime YLoo
Record Income & Expenses Yes Yes No
Export Finances for Accounting Yes Yes No
Create Your Own Categories Yes No No
Claimable & Non-Claimable Categories Yes No No
Mileage Tracking Yes No No
Add Other Incomes Yes No No
Pricing Total Drive MyDriveTime YLoo
1x Instructor £10 £12 £21
Legally Binding & Dated T&Cs (per student) Free 50p (85p previously) No
App for Students Free (integrated) Separate MyDriveTime App No
App Lesson Reminders Free No No
Text Lesson Reminders (per message) 4p 4p Yes
Tax Return Service (per return) £220 £275 No
Multi-Car Schools Total Drive MyDriveTime YLoo
Manage Multiple Instructors Yes No Yes
Central school waiting list Yes No No
Add new pupil to instructor Yes No No
Allocate waiting list pupil to instructor Yes No No
Driving School Stats (KPI) Yes No No
Instructor Stats on Pass Rate & Booking Percent Yes No No
Switch Between Instructor Diaries Yes No No
Payments Direct to Instructor Bank Account Yes No No
Total Drive MyDriveTime YLoo
Instructor iOS App TotalDrive App MyDriveTime App YLoo App
Instructor Android App TotalDrive App MyDriveTime App YLoo App
Software Released 2018 2014 2017
Company Established 2014 2013 2017