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Total Drive Industry News Round-up blog

Total Drive Industry Round-up #17

Welcome to Total Drive Industry Round-Up, the place for any need-to-know industry news. Our updates are aimed directly at you, the driving instructors of Britain, and are full of all the things you should know. Here’s what has been going on recently:

The UK’s parking habits revealed

To find out the habits of drivers around the country, Brindley Group surveyed 1,000 UK drivers, gleaning their thoughts and opinions on a range of topics, including particular skills, their previous parking experiences, certain parking situations, and reactions to hypothetical situations.

Once it gathered their responses together, the data was split into specific demographics, including region, age, type of vehicle, and how much time had passed since participants passed their driving tests.

When it comes to types of parking, 37% of participants said they park unlawfully and just over 1/5 of drivers admitted they struggle with parallel parking. The data also revealed that 30% of people have hit a stationary object whilst parking and 29% have had someone else park their car for them, because they couldn’t do it.

An impressive 62% of motorists believe they should not be allowed to park on the pavement, though 38% believe they should be allowed. And finally, perhaps the most controversial of issues: 6% of drivers said they’d park over somebody’s drive who they did not know or weren’t visiting.

Find out more via: DIA

RAC warns of ‘avalanche of wrongly-issued fines’ for drivers once councils are given powers to enforce minor traffic offences

Motorists have been made aware of an ‘avalanche of penalty’ charge notices wrongly issued to drivers’ once councils are given powers to enforce minor traffic offences – including stopping in yellow box junctions, making illegal turns and driving in cycle lanes – from June.

From May, all councils across England and Wales have the right to apply to take responsibility away from the police and issue fines themselves, a move transport ministers called to ‘help cut congestion, improve bus services and boost road safety.’

London and Cardiff already enforce these types of traffic violations, so the move will bring the country in line with these two places.

However, the RAC has raised concerns that poorly maintained yellow box junctions could be exploited by cash-strapped councils unfairly issuing PCNs to drivers.

Motorists can face fines of up to £70 for a variety of minor offences, though councils will be forced to offer discounts for PCNs that are paid early – usually within 14 days of being issued.

A combined £58.2million in fines a year was raked in by London and Cardiff from these types of offences before the pandemic hit, according to statistics from the financial year 2018/19.

Furthermore, more than half of the income generated was for fines issued to motorists who had unlawfully stopped in a box junction.

The RAC has written to the DfT requesting an update to the guidance for box junctions, including making it clear to local authorities what the minimum standard for design and conditions  should be before letting enforcement begin.

However, the Government’s transport department remains adamant that present guidance is sufficient.

Find out more: DIA

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