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Total Drive Industry News Round-up blog

Total Drive Industry Round-up #1

Welcome to Total Drive Industry Round-Up, the place for any need-to-know industry news. Our updates are aimed directly at you, the driving instructors of Britain, and are full of all the things you should know. Here’s what has been going on recently:

3 out of 4 drivers have said they feel more nervous behind the wheel now than they did before the pandemic

The AA’s survey of more than 12,000 UK adults found two-thirds (67 percent) of those who had become anxious on the road had done nothing to address their feelings. However, seven percent said they had reduced the amount of driving they do and one percent said they had stopped driving altogether.

Older drivers aged 65 and over were the least likely to seek help, with 69 percent of respondents in that demographic saying they had not taken action to help with their anxiety. However, even among younger drivers aged 18-24, around half (48 percent) said they had done nothing to tackle their nerves.


Britain now fully invested in E10 petrol

The UK government has started the rollout of E10 gasoline to pumps, claiming the fuel, which contains ethanol, could cut carbon dioxide emissions from transport by 750,000 metric tons each year. This equates to removing 350,000 cars off roads, it’s reported.

According to exports, the gasoline known as E10 is blended with as much as 10% ethanol and can be used with more than 95% of all petrol vehicles.

Going forward, E10 will become the standard grade for petrol in England, Scotland and Wales. It’s slated to be introduced to Northern Ireland next year.mE10 is already widely used in countries such as the United States, Australia and across Europe.

British motorists with older vehicles are being advised to check if they are compatible with the new fuel, using an online tool.

Credit Driving Instructors Association

Attacks make it a testing time for driving examiners

Examiners suffered more than 160 instances of verbal and physical assaults last year – with the west Midlands topping the league of shame, having 16 instances of intolerable abusive remarks and one assault.

The safest region last year was West Scotland and Cumbria, with just two verbal and no physical attacks reported.
That was closely followed by North and East Scotland, with a tally of three verbal cases but also no physical assaults.

Eight people were reported for allegedly committing a physical assault on an examiner in 2020 – the most in the past five years – while there were 158 reports of verbal abuse in the UK.

Overall, the number of reports of assault have fallen since they hit their highest levels in 2018, when there were 241 records of verbal and seven physical attacks.

But the drop in numbers will be largely down to the fact that fewer driving tests took place because of the coronavirus restrictions.

Nationally, numbers have fluctuated during the past five years. In 2016, there were 199 reports of verbal and physical incidents, followed by 243 in 2017, 248 in 2018, 234 in 2019 and 166 last year.


Millions of drivers warned to book their MOT or face £1,000 fine by Christmas

Around 12million cars – one in three – have MOTs that will expire this year. Driving without one means breaking the law, a fine, more risk of breakdown and more pollution.

There are 12.3million cars due an MOT this year – out of 31.7million cars in total, according to figures from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and RAC.

In September alone 3.37million cars will see their MOT expire, followed by 3.29million in October and 3.12million in November.

Drivers can be fined up to £1,000 for using a vehicle without a valid MOT. Newer vehicles must have an MOT on the third anniversary of their registration, and then every 12 months.

An additional 783,000 cars will be due to have their first MOT by the end of this year, as they will have been registered for three years.


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