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Top social media tips for driving instructors

Top social media tips for driving instructors

When you have your own driving instructor business, teaching pupils to drive is only one part of your job description. You’ll also need organisational skills to plan ahead and schedule driving lessons and marketing skills to build a reputation and find new learners to teach.

Social media is a great way to market your business and find new customers, but it’s important that you use each of the channels in the best, most efficient way. If this is something you’ve previously struggled with or have run out of ideas, Total Drive has some great tips below that you can use to increase your social following and interact with your existing followers.

Keep reading to find out how to best use each social media platform and scroll to the bottom to find our ultimate list of 20+ post ideas to keep you inspired.

Facebook social media tips

Facebook posts have a timespan of around three hours, which means that once this time passes, the likelihood of followers seeing your post decreases. This three hours can increase if your post is very popular which is why it’s important to gain plenty of interaction in the first instance.

It may be best to ask your followers a question that they can answer in a comment, like hazard perception questions, debate posts or what they should do in a certain driving situation. By encouraging people to interact with your post, you’ll increase its reach and potentially gain more page likes.

Add a photo to each post for attention, even if it’s a free stock image, and learn when your followers are on social media using Facebook analytics to find the best times to post.

Twitter social media tips

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has a heavier focus on text. Tweets can be up to 280 characters, so be sure to pack a punch with your content on this social media platform.

It can be a great place to discuss industry news or incidents like the panic-buying of fuel in September 2021. You can also retweet posts from other people to share with your followers, so you could ask your drivers to share a photo when they’ve passed for you to retweet, for example.

Like with Facebook, you can offer driving theory tips or questions on the Highway Code for drivers to answer.

Top Tip: Only advertise your business on social media 20% of the time. The remaining 80% should be relevant to your audience and the posts should be fun, interesting or inspiring.

Instagram social media tips

Instagram can be a tricky platform for driving instructors to manoeuvre because of the focus on unique photos and videos. If you don’t take many of your own photos, you could create bespoke images made up of text, such as inspirational quotes, driving tips or interesting facts from the Highway Code, like:

“Did you know? You must drive around a mini roundabout instead of going over it!”

You don’t need to be the best at Photoshop to create simple text images like this.

Alternatively, you could post pictures of your students (with their permission) holding their driving certificate on the day they passed their test or stock images.

Instagram has recently put more focus on videos known as reels, and so it may be worth considering how you can incorporate video into your social media profile. If your car has a dashcam, you could post some footage of another driver making an error or a near-miss.

The ultimate list of 20+ social media ideas for driving instructors

The ultimate list of 20+ social media ideas for driving instructors

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