Teaching Aids

From drawing on satellite road maps using Doodlepad to a suite of 3D videos to enhance your pupils learning experience.


Turbocharge your lesson briefings and reflective logs. View a satellite map of any road and use the built-in drawing tool to illustrate the image and instruct your pupil.

  • Perfectly tailored to your local area and your way of teaching
  • Help your pupils to learn exactly what they should be doing in any given situation.
  • Create your own personal teaching aids

3D Animated Driving Videos

Designed to complement your pupils’ driving lessons and enhance their knowledge. Added value for your pupils and your business with 2 hours of videos

  • 36 real-world situations using the MSPSL routine
  • Encourage your pupils to keep learning in their free time.
  • Help your students become safe and confident drivers for life.

2D Scenarios

Top down car animation scenarios that you can draw on, to help illustrate manoeuvres, roundabouts, dual carriageways, traffic lights and much more.

  • 30 animations that you can customise
  • Easily draw over the road scenes
  • Create your own personal teaching aids