Take Payments

Turn on payments and let parents and pupils pay you through your app and on your website! Streamline your admin work.

Pupil Payments with Stripe

Total Drive have partnered with Stripe for secure payments. Launching the first integrated payment system to streamline payment processing for driving schools. Save time not having to chase transactions, check your bank account or match payments. Everything is done for you.

Why use Total Drive Payments?

In the same way you use SatNav instead of an old road map, Total Drive payments is an innovative step forward. A highly customisable payment system. Create your own categories, products and prices then add into your website and app.

  • Accept debit and credit card payments
  • Payments use 3D secure authentication
  • No card machine to take around
  • Allow only active students or anyone to pay
  • Only 2.4% + 25p
  • App Payments – App buy buttons
  • Web Payments – Integrate into your website
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Setting up Payments

Login at www.totaldrive.app and click Payments.
On the setup tab, complete steps 1 & 2, then start taking payments!

Unique Payment Features

1. Payment Acceptance
Accept payments from only active students or everyone.

2. Franchise Payment Distribution
Payments can go into one account or individual accounts.

3. Optional Admin Fee
If you charge an admin fee, this can be included too.

4. Pupil Verification
Payments are automatically allocated to the pupil.

5. Message Text Receipts
Both card holder and instructor receives  confirmation.


How Payments Work

Use Total Drive For Free

Process at least £2500 a month through Total Drive Payments and use the software completely free. Your subscription will will stop subscriptions once you have reached your £2500 target. This will be reviewed each quarter.

Franchise Schools

Total Drive Payments allows each instructor to set up their own payment processing account and manage their own income and finances. Each instructor is able to use their own unique code for web payments specifically for them.

Trusted by hundreds of ADIs

Reviews from instructors and driving schools

Not having to check the bank account, check who payment is from and update a client account has saved at least 5 mins per transaction. If I get all learners to use this method then I would save 30 x 5mins per week.

Chris Barker

Driving Skills Academy

Payments looks professional and has allowed me to deal with companies that want their staff trained. The bespoke price is great as it allows higher reward for driving instructors who are more diligent in their work, this has been missing in all franchise models I have seen.

Paul Tomlin

Stoke Driving School

Without doubt app payments has helped me, as soon people have just booked and paid saving admin going back to them on text, email.

Chris Deller

Swindon Driving Lessons

Love the way different students only see their individual rate. Pupils like the fact they can pay through the app and will be integrated into my website too.

Jon Newton

Drive With Jon