Millennials love apps whether its social media, buying, banking or learning to drive! The free learner app allows pupils to see their lessons, driving progress, payments, reflective logs and book gaps. It reduces cancellations and helps increase pass rates and is used regularly by over 90,000 pupils.

The Pupil App

Utilising the pupil app will help the new driver with the process of learning to drive. The app reduces cancellations, highlights their driving progress and keeps them up to date with payments.

The Pupil App

Features for New Learners

Quickly and easily access all the information needed to learn to drive.

  • Lessons delivered and booked with credit hours
  • Driving syllabus progress
  • Payment history with in-app pay buttons (optional)
  • Message chat centre
  • Lesson gap booking (optional)
  • Theory and practical test dates
  • Resources area consisting of the instructors links
  • Lesson reminders 24/48 hours beforehand
  • Branded app with your logo and colours
  • GDPR compliant


Simple Invite & Access

Easily invite pupils to download and login to the app using our free text message.

The text message includes your driving school name, link to the App Stores and random password.

With a secure encrypted login area, pupils enter the code contained in the text to connect.

Innovative Features

App Branding

White label the app by making it your own. Upload your logo, add your company colours and include your driving school name.

Lesson Gaps

Often a cancellation is lost money. Now, instructors can create a lesson gap that allows their pupils to book the gap on a first come, first serve basis. For many, this feature alone pays for the app.

In-App Payments

Allow pupils to pay you via the app. Setup your prices and block bookings in order for pupils and parents to pay whenever they wish.

Dual Reflective Logs

Either instructor or pupil can fill in the reflective log during the lesson or at a later date. Recoded digitally, you no longer need to take paperwork around with you anymore.

Benefits to pupils...

Stop No-Shows & Cancellations
Free lesson reminder notifications to the app with a digital lesson card, reduces the chance of a lesson being forgotten or missed.

Increase Pass Rate
An overall percentage based on the pupils progress clearly shows pupils and parents when they are ready to take a test.

Book Extra Lessons
If you have a space in your diary, you can create a lesson gap that allows your pupils to book the gap on a first come, first serve basis.

and to you...

Get New Pupils
The app will generate new enquiries for you. Existing pupils show their friends the pupil app, who turn want to learn with you.

Save Time & Money
Pupils can pay you via the app, whenever, where-ever.  This saves your time not having to chase payments or send reminders.

No More Paperwork
Cut down on the paperwork you need to carry around. With progress, lessons, lesson plans, guides and resources all on the app.

Loves by learners

Reviews from instructors & driving schools

I have been using Total Drive for while now and I must say it has been brilliant! My pupils absolutely love it!! Being able to view their progress and reflect on their performance is vital. Makes life a lot easier, the diary management, and pupil progress and reflective logs being my favorite parts. And top notch customer service!

Rachell McCann

M’n’M Driving School

I recommend everything. My pupils love it & are booking in as soon as I put in my availability, instead of booking in at the last minute. Don’t know what I did without it. I think it would be even better if I was alerted if I double booked a lesson by mistake. Thanks.

Alexis Patterson

Transformers School Of Motoring

Especially love that you can ‘Add a gap’ for last minute cancellations. The pupils love seeing feedback at the end of the lesson on the summary section and gives them much more motivation than the typical pen and paper style books which used to get forgotten from time to time or ‘Lost’.

Keeley Wood

Bill Plant Driving School

Really good app reminds pupils of lessons booked and shows their progress lots of good things about it always used a diary that you write in has loads of other stuff and is constantly being updated. Give it it try highly recommended

Craig Alexander

Alex School of Motoring