Pupil App

Gen-Z love using apps for social media, buying, banking and learning to drive! The free learner app allows pupils to see their lessons, driving progress, reflective logs and book gaps.

Brand your app

Red, green, pink, indigo, change the app colour to suit your school. Utilising the pupil app will help reduce cancellations, highlight driving progress and assist with the process of learning to drive.

  • White label the app by adding your logo, branding colours and school name.
  • Take in-app payments (optional) and receive the full lesson price the next working day.
  • Fill last minute cancelations quickly with our innovative lesson gap tool.

Free lesson reminder notifications to the app with a digital lesson card, reduces the chance of a lesson being forgotten or missed.

An overall percentage based on the pupils progress clearly shows pupils and parents when they are ready to take a test.

The app will generate new enquiries for you. Existing pupils show their friends the pupil app, who turn want to learn with you.

Pupils can pay you via the app, whenever, where-ever.  This saves your time not having to chase payments or send reminders.

Cut down on the paperwork you need to carry around. With progress, lessons, lesson plans, guides and resources all on the app.

Either instructor or pupil can fill in the reflective log during the lesson or at a later date. Recoded digitally, you no longer need to take paperwork around with you anymore.