Pupil Complaints

If you have reason to make a complaint about your driving instructor, please use the information below to help you in raising a complaint.

Total Drive provides software on subscription to over 4000 Driving Schools and Instructors in the UK.  Total Drive is a software company rather than a driving school or “your driving school” however we take complaints about instructors using our software very seriously.

The driving Schools and Instructors who use Total Drive Software are independent of Total Drive Software Limited and they are ultimately responsible for your safety and for providing Driving lessons and services.

If you have a serious complaint about your driving instructor you should first try and resolve the issue with the instructor themselves, if this is not possible or not appropriate your next step is to make contact with the school itself if they are part of a larger franchise.

If you are unable to use either of these routes your final option is to contact the DVSA themselves at https://www.gov.uk/complain-about-a-driving-instructor

If you require contact information for Driving Schools or Instructors by all means contact us for assistance.