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First integrated payment solution for driving schools

Total Drive Software Ltd Release the first and only integrated payment solution for the driving school Industry.

Devon, United Kingdom 6th November 2020: Total Drive Software Ltd are excited to announce the release of a specific solution to payment processing for the driving school industry. In collaboration with many UK driving instructors and Stripe, Total Drive Payments is an innovative payment system for instructors. Developed with driving schools, payments can be used with or without the Total Drive app and easily integrated into your website.

Payments processed through the Total Drive pupil app or the instructors website using the web site payment integration are matched with current pupils using the Total Drive system. All payment and account management is automated by the system saving instructors time in dealing with multiple payment options, such as Paypal, Card Readers and BACS payments which have become increasingly difficult to manage since Confirmation of Payee (COP) was introduced in March this year.

Director Ross Kernick said “We have been working on this offering for some time and believe it’s a real game changer for the industry. Until Total Drive Payment, instructors have not had one single, simple to use payment integration option allowing them to take payments with or without the card holder present across multiple platforms and importantly one which links into their client management system saving them significant time in administration matching, logging payments and undertaking bookkeeping. Overall this saves them time giving them more time spent with their family or to provide lessons to students. Combined with the existing features of Total Drive instructors now truly have one single system to help them run their driving school business.”

What’s Next? Instructors have told Total Drive that they want an integrated waiting list which they can add into their website. New learners will be automatically added to your Total Drive waiting list, reducing the chance of missing out on a new student when you are teaching or out of hours.


Payment Integration video tutorial available at