Driving Instructor Online Booking Software

An optional tool you can turn on that allows your pupils to book lessons directly into your diary based on your availability and working hours.

Online Booking Software for Driving Instructors and Driving Schools

First and foremost, the driving lesson online booking software is an optional upgrade that you need to turn on. It provides the ability for an existing pupil to book a time slot directly into your diary and for your diary to remain hidden. You can also allow new pupils to book into your diary too.

The system is built to cater for virtually all scenarios and designed to maximise the instructor’s time ensuring that there are as few spaces in your diary and that most of your time is spent teaching.  Read the FAQ’s below to see some of the most common questions instructors ask.

How Online Booking Works

This smart technology enables an existing pupil to enter their name, pick a date, choose a time, and have the option to prepay for the lesson.

After paying, the instructor and pupil receive a message confirmation and the newly booked lesson automatically appears in your diary, on your pupils’ lesson card and on the pupil’s app.

Setting up online booking is super simple. Just enter your working hours, lesson duration and the travel time. The smart technology does the rest!

The online booking software comes with a professional one-page website branded as your driving school, including your school name and logo. Mobile responsive, users can book via a desktop, tablet or mobile.

For an example of the online booking system: Click Here
(if you wish to test the booking using existing credit use mobile number 07780000999 in the first step)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I restrict booking to pre-determined lesson slots, stopping pupils from booking lessons at a time I don’t want?

Yes, the hours you set and the standard time of your lesson (e.g. 90 minutes) determine the slots for each day.  For instance, if you set your standard lesson length as 90 minutes a travel time of 10 minutes, a start time of 9 am and a finish time of 6.30 pm with a 1-hour lunch break at 12.30 pm the available slots for pupils to book would be set at follows:

09.00 to 10.30
10.40 to 12.10
13.30 to 15.00
15.10 to 16.40
16.50 to 18.20

 In essence, the system would only offer these slots, pupils would not be able to book a lesson starting whenever they wanted.  As you can see the only non-teaching time in this entire day is 20 minutes before lunch and 10 minutes at the very end of your day.  The system is designed to maximise teaching time.

Can I restrict which days I allow online bookings to be made?

Yes.  If you wish you can restrict the booking of lessons to just one day of you wish.  So you may want to open up Mondays & Fridays for online bookings for example but not allow online bookings to be made for Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays

Can I restrict which hours of the day online bookings can be made?

 Yes.  You can choose which hours of each day you want to allow booking to be made and also add in a break time to stop lessons being booked.  For example, you may only want to open up morning lessons for online bookings and restrict afternoons so pupils have to call you to book

Can pupils use existing credit on their profile to book lessons.

Yes.  If pupils have enough existing credit on their profile (perhaps they have bought a block of 10 hours) they can use this credit instead of having to enter their payment details during the booking process.

Can I restrict which areas online booking can be made

Yes.  You can list the postcode areas that you want to allow bookings in and if you wish charge different rates for lessons in each postcode area you cover.

Can I offer both Automatic and Manual lesson bookings

Yes.  If you offer both you can either restrict one day for only automatic bookings or you can offer one type in the morning and another in the afternoon giving you time in your designated break to return to change vehicles.

Can I charge a different rate for existing and new pupils

Yes, you can specify different rates by area, lesson type and pupil type.  If you add personal rates to a pupil profile these rates will override the standard rates that you enter in the settings

Can I restrict the system only to allow active pupils to book?

Yes, you can choose to allow only active pupils that are in your Total Drive pupil list or anyone if you wish

Can pupils book multiple lessons in one booking session

Yes, you can choose how many lessons you want to allow booking during one session from 1 to 10.

Can I add travel time between lessons?

 Yes, you can choose the travel time between lessons

Can I block out time in my diary when I don’t want lessons to be booked?

Yes, adding an ‘Unavailable’ slot to your diary will stop that slot from being booked

Can I add the booking link to my website and social media

Yes, the system allows you to add the booking link in order that new and/or existing pupils can book via a range of platforms that you use in your business.

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Setup Instructions

Simply login to the web portal and select 'Adyen pay' from your Account menu. Then follow the step-by-step instructions asking you to enter your, working areas, working hours, lesson duration and travel time.

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Reviews from instructors and driving schools

Not having to check the bank account, check who payment is from and update a client account has saved at least 5 mins per transaction. If I get all learners to use this method then I would save 30 x 5mins per week.

Chris Barker

Driving Skills Academy

Payments looks professional and has allowed me to deal with companies that want their staff trained. The bespoke price is great as it allows higher reward for driving instructors who are more diligent in their work, this has been missing in all franchise models I have seen.

Paul Tomlin

Stoke Driving School

Without doubt app payments has helped me, as soon people have just booked and paid saving admin going back to them on text, email.

Chris Deller

Swindon Driving Lessons

Love the way different students only see their individual rate. Pupils like the fact they can pay through the app and will be integrated into my website too.

Jon Newton

Drive With Jon