Use Lockdown To Your Advantage

This second national lockdown may not be unexpected however it puts everyone in difficult positions whether that be financially or emotionally.

So what can we do during Lockdown to put our Driving Schools in much stronger positions when we return to work in December.

Establishing The Challenges On Return To Work

In order to make the most of the opportunities available when returning to work we first need to establish the needs of the industry on return.

Industry Needs

High Demand for Lessons

Due to both the first and this second lockdown, there is a backlog of people wanting to learn to drive however the number of driving instructors has not increased.  Therefore in order to take advantage of this opportunity, we need to be operating more efficiently

Safety for ourselves and our students

When we return to work, Coronavirus will still be active in the UK and reducing the spread will be vital for us to continue trading.  Therefore anything we can do to reduce personal contact with pupils will be seen as important to gaining new clients and retaining existing ones.


Being busy providing lessons based on increased demand will require good communication, the ability to communicate with pupils quickly and easily will be vital.


We will need to be as well organised as possible in order to provide as many lessons as possible whilst reducing or streamlining administration tasks we have running our businesses.  Pupil management, communication, payment processing and bookkeeping are all areas in which everyone can improve

So What’s The Solution?

Using Total Drive will assist you in taking advantage of all the above opportunities.  Scroll down and see how the Total Drive System can help.

Dealing with Increased Demand

In order to maximise on increased demand, we will need to make more time for lessons.  Total Drive can help hugely in this area, the system manages every aspect of your business from your diary through lesson progress, notes and reflective logs, to free lesson reminders and payment processing.  Using Total Drive to manage your business saves you time, more time saved equals more time for lessons.

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Improving Communication

Being able to contact students quickly and provide automated communication for important messages can save a huge amount of time.  Total Drive provides free messaging to students via the app, free automated lesson reminders, free lesson progress updates and the ability to fill last-minute cancellations at virtually no notice though its unique Gaps feature.


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Providing a Safe Environment to Teach & Learn

As well as the expected personal protection equipment, reducing contact by providing a paperless environment is also key to safety.  Total Drive allows you to manage your lessons and pupils entire learning process including payment for lessons without any personal or 3rd party contract between you and your students.

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Becoming and Organisational Guru

After a long day on the road, having to spend more time, dealing with lesson payments, matching them, sending lesson reminders for the next day to each student as well as dealing with new enquires can take a lot of time.  Much of this time can be eliminated with Total Drive, Payments can be made through your app and website, matching payments to your registered students, lesson reminders are sent automatically and new equities can be added to your waiting list within Total Drive.

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Save time on Admin and give yourself an advantage over your competitors

There is a vast number of pupils waiting to learn to drive due to the first and this current lockdown.  When Lessons resume, these pupils will want lessons quickly and be able to pay for them to secure their slots.  Total Drive Payments fully integrates with your Total Drive system allowing new or existing pupils to pay for lessons through the app or on your own website with a short line of code.  We already know through the demand that pupils want to pay online and through the app and this will not only give you the advantage you need but put you in a strong position moving forward.


To get you going and give you time to set up and test the system we are allowing current new signups to trial the system free until the end of the year.

FREE Subscription in 2021

Following your free trial, if you have set-up payment processing and process at least £1000 of payments on a rolling 3-month average we will waive the £10 monthly subscription fee making the Total Drive System itself Free to use.

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