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Total Drive Theory Suite

The Total Drive Theory Suite is a complete theory platform built into Total Drive.  The system allows instructors to provide theory practice and mock tests to their pupils directly from within the app.

Overview of Total Drive Theory Suite

Setting Up Total Drive Theory

To enable The Total Drive Theory Suite visit the web admin at www.totaldrive.app navigate to the Accounts menu (top right) and choose the billing option.  Here you will see the page below and within it under account summary “Theory Suite”, pressing the enable button will enable the suite and you will be billed based upon the number of users you have using the system.

How Total Drive Theory Suite is billed

Once enabled, your subscription will increase based on the Tiered Pricing and the number of pupils using the Theory Suite as shown below

Theory Prices

Licenses/users Price
up to 10 £8 per month
up to 30 £15 per month
up to 150 £45 per month
up to 250 £90 per month
250+ £119 per month

How you are charged

Once enabled you will be able to “Manage” which pupils have access to the system through the ‘Manage’ button.  Here you will be able to toggle access to the theory suite on and off and you will be charged for the number of pupils toggled on.

Theory Suite Enable

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