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Online Booking Set-up

Take Bookings:

In order to use the online booking system this option needs to be enabled.  go to Account Menu >> Billing and press the enable button to set up your subscription of £6 per month.

Step 1 – Settings

Once you have enabled online booking head over to the Account menu again and choose Adyen pay, you will see 3 tabs, select the Booking Setting Tab

N.B.  In order to use the booking system Adyen Pay needs to be set up first under the Adyen Account Tab – See https://totaldrive.co.uk/knowledge-base/pay-only-adyen-set-up-guide/ for guidance

Who Can book:

  • Active Pupils:  Only pupils who are in your Active pupil list and make bookings, they are identified by the telephone number they enter
  • Anyone:  Anyone can book a lesson.  This is used when you choose to add your booking link to your website or social media channels allowing new pupils to book their first lesson


  • Manual:  Users will only be able to book Manual Driving Lessons through the booking system
  • Automatic:  Users will only be able to book Automatic Driving Lessons through the booking system
  • Manual & Automatic:  Users will be able to book Manual or Automatic Lessons through the booking system. (Step 3 will allow you to separate lesson type between morning and afternoon or only on specific days to ensure you are not having to keep swapping vehicles)


Choose how far into the future you wish to allow online bookings.

Lesson (Mins) / Lesson (Hrs)

This is the default lesson time you wish to offer through the online booking system.  Users will only be able to book this lesson duration once this is set

Travel Time (Mins)/Travel Time (hrs)

This is how long you wish to leave as a gap between lessons to ensure you are not late

Booking Restriction

How many hours from the time the pupil accesses the booking system do you want to allow lessons to be booked.

No of Bookings Allowed

How many lessons do you want to allow a pupil to book during one single booking session

Once you have selected the appropriate choices above select the save button.

Step 2 – Hours

Important:  These are not your working hours, these are the hours that you want pupils to be able to book lessons for.  For instance, you may decide that you only want to allow bookings to be made for lessons on Mondays and Fridays.  In which case the other days would be set to 00:00 start and end times.

The start time of your day will determine the slots that are allocated.  For instance if you have set 90 minutes as your standard lesson time in Step one and you set the hours to start at 9am the first slot would be at 9am for 90 minutes, at the end of this lesson (10.30am) any travel time will be added and the next slot will be for 90 minutes.

Adding a Lunch Break during your day will restrict the system to not allow booking during these times.

Step 3 – Postcodes

Specify the postcodes you cover and the days of the week you cover them.  This area allows you to;

  • Choose which areas you work on which days
  • Specify which rates you charge for each area
  • Specify which gearbox you will offer in morning and afternoons

Add each postcode area that you cover for driving lessons. To do this type in the first part of the postcode area (i.e. TQ12 rather than TQ12 7TD), press Add postcode for each one you enter.

You will see that each postcode area is added below allowing you to select which days you cover each area, the cost of your standard lesson (as entered in Step 1 – Settings) for each postcode area for both existing and new pupils.

In addition, if you provide both manual and automatic lessons you can specify which type you are offering in each area for each morning and afternoon giving you time to change cars in your lunch break if required.

If you have added personal rates to a pupil profile they will override these rates when booked by that specific pupil

Step 4 – Notes

This is an optional area which if completed, will display on the booking system when pupils book lessons.  It can be used for reminders, instructions, tips or any information you wish to give.


Step 5 – Widgets

At this stage, you can test your booking system set-up by clicking on the blue “Book & Pay Widget”

This link can be used in the following ways.

  • To send to pupils via email, SMS, Messenger, Whatsapp etc.
  • To add to your website as a Booking Button or to add to Social Media Posts
  • To add as an ‘Online Booking’ Link to the Guides (Resources) area of the Pupils App in order for pupils to make bookings via the app

Who will be able to make Bookings

The booking system will allow bookings from users depending on the ‘Who Can Book” choice made in step on of this Set-up

If “Anyone is chosen in Step 1 – Settings”

  • Existing Pupils will be able to book using their existing credit
  • Existing pupils with no existing credit will be able to book and pay for lessons
  • New pupils will be able to book and pay for lessons and their information and Lessons will be added to your System and theirs.

If “Active Pupils is chosen in Step 1 – Settings”

  • Existing Pupils will be able to book using their existing credit
  • Existing pupils with no existing credit will be able to book and pay for lessons
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