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Suggesting New Features

We welcome users submitting new feature ideas through our Feedback portal at https://feedback.totaldrive.co.uk/

  1.  Click the Sign in/ Sign 

2.  We recommend using your existing email address to create an account (Sign up with Email)

3.  Type in your Name, Email address and choose a password.  Click I am not a robot followed by the “Sign up’ button

4.  Go to your email and click on the verification link found in the email sent to you

5.  Once verified to add a new suggestion click the ‘New Post” button.  You can also “upvote” existing suggestions.

6.  Give new suggestions a descriptive & interesting Title, choose the section (Board) it should appear within and describe your idea.  Finally, press the “New Post” button to submit.  The post will be reviewed by us before being activated.

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