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How do I set up specific rates for different students who pay through the app?

If you have agreed on specific rates for certain students based on area, perhaps coincide with annual rate increases or simply friends who you want to offer a lower rate, the system can show these rates on the specific student’s app.

To set up specific rates for a student simply visit the students profile and add in their hourly rate on their profile into the “Rate Per Hour (£)” areas as shown here.

Having entered these rates for this particular student, they will see a new category in the pay area of their app called “<name’s> Rates”  This is an automatic category set up by the system with these specific students’ hourly rates.  Now you simply need to let that student know to pay using the “<name’s> Rates” Category

Other categories and products still show on all students pay area however any that have specific rates specified in their profile will have the additional “Per Hour” category shown which will become the first one they see in the Pay area.

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