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How do I refund Student Payments made through the app?

If you need to refund a student please follow the procedure set out below:

Refunds for payments made within 1 day of the payment being made by the pupil

  1.  Identify the stripe payment reference (see screenshot below)
  2. If you are requesting the refund on the day the payment was made (before it’s been paid out to you) send the details of the payment you would like refunded as a support ticket on this system.

Refunds for payments made which have already been paid out to your designated bank account

If you are requesting a refund for a payment that has already been paid out to you you have 2 choices;

  1. Refund the pupil via BACS through your own banking system
  2. Send us by BACS the value of the amount paid out to you using the Payment Reference as the pay reference to
    Acc Name: Total Drive Software Ltd
    Acc No:  04211641
    Sort Code:  04-00-04
    Ref:  (the payment reference starting with PI or the last 10 digits of it if it won’t all fit)

In either case (you make the refund by BACS yourself or Total Drive processes the refund after receiving funds)

Go to the finances/money area of your app or web admin and add an Expense of ‘Lesson Refund” choosing the correct pupil, amount and minutes/hours the payment relates to.  This will reduce the pupil’s hours down to the correct amount.

Details of payments and specifically the Payment Reference we need can be found by clicking the “View Details” button next to any stripe payment made as shown in the screenshot below.

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