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Deleting a Pupil

If you need to remove a pupil this can be achieved through web administration at www.totaldrive.app.

Deleting students is only possible by the main administrator of your system so if you are part of a multi-drive school and set up as an instructor you can make your students inactive however the main administrator will need to delete them.


  1. Select Learners in the main admin menu
  2. Select the Students option
  3. Click the “View” button for the student you wish to delete
  4. Select the Profile Tab
  5. Click the “Make Inactive” button
  6. Click back onto the Students option in the main menu
  7. Select the “Inactive” tab
  8. Find the student you wish to delete and click the delete button next to their name.

N.B. When you delete a pupil, any financial information in terms of payments from them will remain in your system for accounting purposes

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