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How to make money with Total Drive

We’ve all heard the phrase “time is money”. It’s a saying that suggests time spent relaxing (or not working) could lose you money and was likely first used by Benjamin Franklin in 1748. Despite being coined more than 250 years ago, the phrase still holds as much truth today.

For people with their own business, like you as a driving instructor, it’s especially true. When you aren’t instructing a driving lesson, you aren’t being paid. There are some aspects of your job that you definitely need to do (such as admin and finances), but what if you could do less of these tasks and take more time to teach?

What if you could save up to 10 hours a week, leaving you more time for driving lessons with your paying pupils? With Total Drive, this could be the case.

We recently surveyed the users of our system to find out how many hours they can save by doing their planning digitally instead of with paper and a pen. Our driving instructor app allows you to manage your diary, track your money and see your students’ progress. With all of this being done digitally, how much time are our users saving on average?

Our survey found that 68% of respondents said the app saved them more than six hours a week and 52% said it saved them 10 hours on average each week.

With this in mind, how much extra money could you make in a year based on an average 10-hour saving each week?

We will assume that a one-hour lesson is £30. With 20 minutes between each lesson, making each lesson a total of 80 minutes, an extra 10 hours a week could allow you to slot in seven extra lessons for your pupils.

To further this, we’ll assume that you take four weeks off each year, making the total working time 48 weeks. Should you fit in an additional seven lessons every week, this could equal a total of 336 extra lessons each year. At £30 a lesson, that’s an extra £10,000! A huge amount of money, just from switching standard pen and paper to a digital tracker.

This is the best scenario, but even if you slotted in an extra three lessons a week, you could be making more money through your business. When you use Total Drive, you don’t just make big time savings (and reduce the tediousness of admin) but you can also fill cancellations and reschedule lessons that you might previously have found difficult to do.

So don’t forget the motto “time is money” when it comes to organising your pupils’ lessons.

If you want to make more money in your working year, you can try Total Drive completely free for 30 days. We’re sure you’ll see the benefits.

Take control of your work life balance and start your Total Drive App free trial here.

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