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Total Drive x Brake Road Safety Week

How can you get involved in Road Safety Week 2021?

Road Safety Week is back for 2021!

A huge percentage of us take to the roads every single day to get around, and cars remain one of the most common ways to travel. But with more drivers on the roads than ever before, the chances of an accident happening only increases. Luckily, Road Safety Week, organised by Brake, is here to reduce the number of incidents on the road through good education.

When is Road Safety Week 2021?

This year, the programme is running from the 15th to the 21st November and the theme is Road Safety Heroes. With this theme, Brake wants to celebrate the work of professionals who actively campaign for and design safer roads to reduce the number of casualties.

Scott Williams from Brake said “Road Safety Week is the biggest road safety campaign in the UK and a huge opportunity to make everyone think about the role we can all play in reducing road deaths and injuries.

“This year’s theme of Road Safety Heroes enables us to celebrate the people who make a difference – from teachers and campaigners to emergency services and road safety professionals. We hope everyone will be inspired to sign up to the information and take part.”

Why is road safety important?

Did you know that:

  • Road incidents are one of the leading causes of death in children and young people?
  • More than six children are killed or seriously injured on UK roads every single day?
  • Crashes cost the UK economy £36 billion each year?

Around 1.35 million people are killed worldwide every year in road accidents, many of which could have been prevented if road safety had been encouraged and adhered to. Any person who uses a road is at risk, but such risk can be reduced by educating people in road safety. It’s especially important to teach children how to safely walk on a pavement, cross a road or ride a bike.

Without our road safety practices in the UK, death and casualty numbers could be much higher. But ultimately, in spreading the word about road safety, the numbers could be reduced further.

Get involved in Road Safety Week 2021

Driving instructors are highly involved in keeping our roads safe. Your job is to educate and train future drivers, and in giving them good safety training and ensuring they adhere to the Highway Code, they’ll continue to practice safe driving throughout their lives.

But how can you do even more to encourage road safety?

  • Sign up for Road Safety Week

The first thing you can do is sign up! When you register, you receive a free action pack that’s filled with further ways you can get involved. You’ll get regular updates from Brake about the week, too.

  • Shout on social

You can also shout about the week on your social media. Share your own ideas about road safety or share the posts that Brake are creating on their channels. No matter how you get involved on social media, don’t forget to tag @brakecharity and use the hashtag #RoadSafetyWeek.

  • Nominate your own road heroes

Have someone in mind that you’d like to state as your own road hero? It could be someone who regularly speaks out about road safety, has implemented certain measures or works in the medical profession to help out on the scene of an accident. Whoever it is, you could speak about them on your social channels, interview them for a blog post or create a video with them for a YouTube channel. Nominate your road safety hero here.

  • Display your Road Safety poster

You can download and print your own Road Safety Week poster to display wherever you want, whether in the window of your house or in your learner mobile. The poster raises awareness to many more people about Road Safety Week and you can help to spread the word.

  • Educate young people

Educating young people is already a big part of your job as a driving instructor, but what if you could reach more people at once? You could speak in schools to students of all ages (and not just learner drivers). For young, primary school children, you could teach them about crossing the road. For older pupils, you could talk about driving safety or how to check certain parts of a car, like tyre pressure.

  • Create YouTube videos

If you have the capacity and the confidence to make simple videos, this could be a great way to speak out about road safety. Your videos could inspire young drivers to do more to be safe on the roads, educate them on the dangers of drink driving, inform them of general safety or explain how to check certain things on a vehicle, like oil and screen wash levels.

  • Start fundraising for Brake

Brake is a charity and so when you raise money for them, you’re supporting the road safety cause. There are tons of ways you can go about doing some fundraising, from having a bake sale and doing a sponsored road trip to taking part in a local event and holding a raffle.

Want to take part in Road Safety Week? Start by registering today and be your own road safety hero. Don’t forget to follow Brake on Facebook and Twitter too for further updates from the 15th to the 21st November!

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