Free Social Media Downloads for Driving Instructors – Part Two: Triangle Road Signs

Following on from part one of our free social media template series. This downloadable resource gives you twelve triangle road signs designed to give motorists a warning. Why not download them and pass them onto your pupils, or use them as a discussion point during lessons. You could also share them across your own social media channels – we’ve left a space for you to add your logo in the bottom corner.

Road traffic signs are a major part of a learners journey. Pupils will not only come across them during lessons, but they will also play a part in getting their theory test pass.

All road signs have an important role in giving information, direction and control to a road users behaviour, with the main purpose of them being to make roads as safe as possible. This is why it’s vital that pupils gain this knowledge during the course of their training.

As we mentioned in part one, there’s a large number of road signs out there and getting to know all of their meanings can feel overwhelming for pupils. So, to help them out, why not download our templates and share them with your pupils, as well as on your own social media channels.

Name this Sign: Triangle Road Signs, download and save by clicking on the image below:

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