Driving Schools

A suite of tools for you to manage and grow your driving school. Track the performance of your driving school from pass rates to booking percentages.

Grow your driving school franchise

Track your driving schools performance. Our comprehensive driving school management software allows you to see everything in one place.

  • Weekly analysis of hours delivered and booked
  • Pass rate percentage per instructor
  • Metric data analysis of your school

Under the bonnet

Added Value

As a franchise owner, it’s important to continue to offer ‘added value’ to franchisees. Providing instructors with the leading diary management app, with a diary, their pupils, progress and reflective logs all in one place, is a great addition.

Total Drive includes a free pupil app that you can brand to your driving school with your company colours and logo. School resources can also be added, sharing websites, videos and PDFs to instructors and pupils.

Connected Pupils

With all your instructors using Total Drive, you can connect instructors, pupils, payments, progress and tests together. This allows for data to be kept securely in one place with instructor, pupil, and owner aware of the status for every learner.

Respond quicker to customer demands and monitor activity centrally to ensure nothing is missed. Note: Only instructors can view their only financial records, both incoming and outgoing. Owners and staff cannot.

Enquiry Manager

Make sure every new enquiry is automatically added into your Total Drive account. Revolutionise the way you manage and allocate pupils, saving time not having to copy pupils details from other lead sources.

Utilise the Enquiry Manager by embedding the form into your website and social media channels, with every enquiry sending you an email alert. You will have the option to accept the pupil, moving them to your driving school waiting list or declining the pupil.

Owners & Staff

Owners and staff can allocate new pupils to instructors (details are immediately displayed to the instructor), manage each instructors waiting list and view the instructors’ diary to check availability.

Therefore, keeping instructors busy, diaries full and admin work streamlined through the pupil management tools available.

We can import all your pupils, profiles, lessons and diary. Once you’ve started your trial contact us and we will import your data the same day.

Get your driving school setup

Run your driving school efficiently and effectively. Unify your instructors to stop mistakes, duplications and missed data.

Revolutionise the way you manage and allocate pupil to instructors. Connect pupils, lessons, payments, progress and tests together.

Respond quicker to enquires and monitor activity centrally to ensure nothing is missed.  The only software that seamlessly integrates instructors, pupils and parents

The protection of your data is our highest priority. All devices are protected by 256-bit data encryption. Data backed up to dual-servers for extra protection

If you’re unsure on switching, try our money back guarantee. Use Total Drive for 3 months and if you don’t want to carry on, we will give you your money back.

Trusted Insights

Industry reviews from esteemed instructors

The app and software is brilliant, helping grow my driving school. In the current situation we need to become fully digital and this app has it all. The Total Drive team are always enhancing the software and listening to feedback. The customer service is first class, responding quickly, highly recommended! They really want a product that helps us driving instructors be more productive.

Paul Ellison: Ellisons School of Motoring

As an ADI I can’t recommend this app enough. My clients love it, they can instantly see their progress plus loads of other features for the pupil. It’s a great two-way app as the client’s app is just as good! The Developers are incredibly approachable and any technical queries or ideas are responded to swiftly, no fuss no hassle! It does more than most ADI diary apps and I have pretty much checked most of them, all of which just miss something.

Simon H ADI: Capterra Review

I’ve used TD for over two years and found it absolutely amazing! So easy to keep note of all your pupils and their progress, and I particularly like the fact that they listen to us instructors and take on board our requests… and act quickly to implement them wherever possible. Pupils love it, giving them much more responsibility for their learning, they get free lesson reminders, which cuts down the cancellation rate!

Diane Hall: L of a Way 2 Pass

Where do I start?! Progress chart so a learner can see how close they are getting to being at test standard; lesson reminders automatically sent out; reflective log for learners to complete – this is a really powerful tool for goal setting. And last, but certainly not least, the superb support we get from the developers. They are so responsive to the ideas that are submitted. This app has truly revolutionised how we work and made it so easy to administer not only my own diary but to oversee what is happening with all our instructors.

Kevin S ADI: Capterra Review

Having used one of Total Drives major competitors previously, I was convinced that they could not be beaten. Until I tried Total Drive. This app is not only perfect for the multi car school but also for the independent instructor too. Tech support is very quick and precise. All in all, there’s nothing not to like about this app and in my view, outclasses the competition in every way from cost to usability.

Drew Thompson: DrewMatic Driving School

Having looked and tried other similar products I can honestly say hands down this has been the best. As a multi-car school I needed a system where I could be more efficient for our instructors. The whole system provides everything both the instructors and pupils need. It’s easy to use and has so many additional benefits rolled into a very reasonable monthly fee. I love that I can customise it to suit our school.

Nicky Harris: The Driving Academy

Incredibly good app, the developers have been amazing from the start – very flexible and adaptable, they listen to the instructors using it day in day out. Students love the app too! Very easy to use and book lessons in, brilliant for driving schools with many instructors as well. It’s an amazing price for what you get!

Laura Morris: DKM Driving & Go Green Training

This app is absolutely brilliant. It’s easy to use and has everything I need to run my business with ease. I can and would recommend this to any instructors looking for a management app and I know my students would join me in recommending it as well. I have been using Total Drive for a while now and it makes my life so much easier and my students love the app.

Paul Loader: Paul Loader Driving Lessons

Great app for driving schools with multiple instructors. Constantly being developed and improved with new functionality on the way. Best of all is the level of service and support from Tom Wotton, always answers my questions straight away. Highly recommended for independent instructors and large schools.

Howard Floyd: How 2 Drive

I have been recommending this App to all my PDI’s when I am training them to become driving instructors since I discovered it. My PDI’s really love the App and everything is on the app that is needed for them to run their business. My PDI’s are able to monitor their pupils lessons and progress and remind their own pupils when their lessons are booked.

Rachel Kavanagh: Xcel Driver Training