Driving School Software

Easily manage instructors and grow your school being able to allocate students from the waiting list to each of them.

Track the performance of your driving school and each instructor individually, from pass rates to cancellations.

Driving School Management Software

Our comprehensive driving school management software allows you to see everything in one place.

Dashboard Stats

Driving School Performance

View instant stats on how your driving school is performing. Drill down to each instructor or see a summary for the whole school on pass rates for each instructor, hours worked and the progress of every student. Percentages are also given on cancelled lessons and next lessons booked.

Instructor Management

Manage Instructors & Diaries

As the owner, you can see, edit and manage every instructors diary, students and lesson payments. The instructors can only view their own diary and students, no-one else’s. Depending on the way you operate, when you allocate a new student (from the waiting list) to an instructor, the instructor receives an automatic message with the students name.

Speedy Onboarding

If you use an existing system or a CSV spreadsheet, we can import all your students into Total Drive.
Once you have started your trial contact us and we will import your learners on the same day!

Streamline your Business

Unify owner, instructor and student

Total Drive enables you to run your driving school efficiently. Stop mistakes and duplications whilst cutting down on the amount of admin work required. Owner, instructor and student are unified by co-ordinating your business. Owners can clearly see everything in one place, enabling you to forecast instructor diaries or cash flow.

Need more time to get setup?

If you have multiple instructors that need to be setup with Total Drive, we are happy to extend your trial so that you can add them gradually.