PDI Head Start

Total Drive have strived to support the driving industry and help those looking to start a career as a driving instructor. In 2020, we launched PDI Head Start.

A Smart App... A Head Start

Free use until you pass your Part 3 or up to 12 months.


Total Drive will always support you throughout your driving instructor career, especially in the early days when you are first starting out. Helping learners become safe drivers is one part of being a driving instructor. Managing your records and running a business is just as important.

PDI Head Start – Start Trial

  • Total Drive provide a feature rich app to manage your business.
  • Diary, pupil records, progress syllabus, messaging, reflective logs and payments all in one place.
  • No hidden fees! Free app reminders, free payment reminders and free pupil terms.

Once you have started your trial, send us a copy of your PDI badge and use Total Drive for free until you qualify and/or up to 12 months.

PDI Head Start – Start Trial

As the first driving software to offer an initiative to help PDIs, its great to see others following Total Drives lead. Do be wary, with other software expecting you to agree to subscribe once you pass your Part 3 exam, Total Drive do not do this.

At Total Drive, we believe its your decision and your business so choose the driving instructor app thats right for you. If you wish to use Total Drive once you become a qualified ADI, fantastic! We will warmly welcome you into the Total Drive family.

Total Drive do not charge you. Nor do we charge for payment reminders, or lesson reminders and especially not charging pupils to agree to your terms and conditions.

If charging for lessons or Part 2 pass, if teaching for free required for the free trial, please note that if your PDI license expires, any extension or dispute letter will be required to continue the free trial.  Please note it is your responsibility to tell us when you pass your part 3.

Utilise payment processing, pupils and parents love the free app and with a next day payout, its a no-brainer to encourage in-app lesson payments. You will receive the full lesson price.