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Total Drive App x Theory Test Pro Integration

Add Theory Test Pro to your Total Drive app!

Total Drive, we are always looking for new ways that you can monitor your students’ progress and help them to pass their driving test – both the practical and theoretical aspects. And our new collaboration with Theory Test Pro could be just another way of doing this.

What is Theory Test Pro?

Theory Test Pro is a programme created especially for learner drivers and is a way for them to practice their theory knowledge before taking the actual test. The app contains revision questions that have been pre-approved by the DVSA to help your students to revise and study for the test and increase their chances of passing first time.
And now you can integrate Theory Test Pro directly into your Total Drive driving instructor app!

How do Total Drive and Theory Test Pro work together?

We’ve introduced a brand new integration that allows you to see your students’ theory revision progress in real time.

When your pupils use Theory Test Pro, their scores are logged and you can now view these in your Total Drive App. It allows you to see how far they’ve worked through their theory practice, and you can even view their study times, the questions they’ve answered and the number of hazard perception clips they’ve viewed.

While it’s primarily your job to ensure they pass their practical exam, your students need to pass their theory test first, and being able to track their progress could get them on the road as a fully qualified driver much faster.

How do I connect Total Drive and Theory Test Pro?

Connecting these two apps together couldn’t be easier. To integrate them, just go then Settings, then Guides & Theory. Click connect, log in and you’re done!

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