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Reviews from instructors and driving schools

I’m currently a PDI and can’t recommend this app enough.
My pupils love it, they can instantly see their progress plus loads of other features for the pupil. It’s a great two way app.

The Developers are incredibly approachable and any technical queries or ideas are responded to swiftly, no fuss no hassle!

It does more than most ADI diary apps and over the last 18 months I’ve looked at and tried a few, all of which just miss something.
Total Drive just keeps giving and as it’s constantly evolving it is the only one to use.

Keep up the great work guys.
Simon Harbidge
09:48 10 Sep 19
Finished my free trial of TOTAL DRIVE today and have quickly activated my subscription. Couldn't imagine life without it. Any problems with the app have been dealt with quickly. Pupils love it too.
Penny Clarke
17:51 20 Jun 19
I’ve been using this app since the beginning of the year and it’s great. Really friendly and accessible support if needed.
Easy to use and it does all of what’s needed to keep your diary tip top! 5*
Danni Beard
09:54 28 Apr 20
Definitely the lesson gap alert which helps keep my diary productive
Martyn Cowell
19:05 01 Oct 20
really good app reminds pupils of lessons booked and shows their progress lots of good things about it always used a diary that you write in has loads of other stuff and is constantly being updated
give it it try highly recommended
Craig Alexander
14:01 28 Apr 20
I have been with Total drive for nearly a year and It has been amazing. my students love it. They use it to message me via the app, as well as asking for lessons. the ability to add gaps is good, and I have spoken to the makers who may potentially add the ability for the app to auto generate gaps. Compared to the national driving school app before this hands down is much more user friendly. trial it today and you wont look back....

it's such a great tool, Tom and the team are very helpful.
Darren Smith
11:27 14 May 20
Very easy to use app and manage my day to day business easily. Also great if you are a PDI as the current trial period lasts until the expiry of your pink licence. Go for it 👍
Angela Sorensen
12:38 21 Sep 20
I've been using Total Drive for well over a year now and can honestly say that it just gets better and better! Tom and his team are constantly listening and responding to feedback from their customers and are always looking at ways to improve their product. With the latest update, Total Drive has become an extremely professional looking, user friendly tool for both instructors and pupils alike. It has so many beneficial features such as "free" app messages to all pupils via the student app, progress records, reflective logs, financial income/expenses summary and the ability to notify all pupils of an unexpected "lesson gap" which can be filled immediately by a pupil through their student app! More than worth the monthly subscription and highly recommended!
Nick Wilcox
18:51 17 Jun 20
I have been using Total Drive for a few months now after making the switch from a different type of diary that also sent text reminders.
I hears about Total drive and thought I would give it a try, I quickly learned how to use it and edit the topics that students find tricky in certain areas where I live.
all my students love it, with some wanting it to be 100% if they learn in the auto they want the clutch and gearbox parts marked as 5 😂. You definitely cant go wrong with Total Drive, the monthly subscription is not too expensive - i pay the extra for a text bundle so my students get a text reminder as well as an in app notification 48 hours before their lesson.

You will never know, unless you give it a try for yourself.
Matty Longworth
21:13 05 Sep 19
I was very sceptical to pay for an App,when I could use my own Diary .But this App pays for itself every week .
The Gap lesson feature alone is worth every penny .
Matt Lewis
18:56 21 Sep 20
This app is absolutely brilliant. The latest version has just been released and it is fantastic. I have been using Total Drive for a while now and it makes my life so much easier and my students love the app. It's easy to use and has everything I need to run my business with ease. I can and would recommend this to any instructors looking for a management app and I know my students would join me in recommending it as well. They are even offering a free trial that I would recommend that any instructor takes up and tries it for themselves.
Paul Loader
14:39 02 Jun 20
I have been using a rival platform for about a year now, but recently found Total Drive, In the current situation we need to become fully digital and this app has it all; student progress monitor, fully customisable finance categories, lesson notes and reflective log. In addition you can push message through the app to individual pupils or as a group message to fill those cancellation slots. An excellent package.
Steve Hoynes
17:04 08 Jul 20
Great app, manages all aspects of your business and gets learners more involved in their own progress as well. Excellent support from the TD developers as well. Many thanks!
Phil Crowell
12:14 11 May 20
I have been using Total Drive for while now and I must say it has been brilliant! My pupils absolutely love it!! Being able to view their progress and reflect on their performance is vital. Makes life a lot easier, the diary management, and pupil progress and reflective logs being my favorite parts. And top notch customer service!
Rachell McCann
20:03 30 Apr 20
Fantastic customer service and it’s one of my favourite apps I’ve used so far.
Debbie Duhra
09:22 24 Apr 20
Awesome app. A complete management tool for both the instructor and the student 👍
Noel Philip Harmsworth
15:17 07 Aug 20
Been using Total Drive for over a month now, i asked for so many features and they were implemented quickly. They really want a product that helps us driving instructors be more productive.

My pupils love the pupil app, and it helps them to know where they are in their learning journey and keep track of their hours and upcoming lessons.

Now I’ve found Total Drive I will not be going anywhere else.
Robb Hughes Adi
11:25 05 Jun 19
I've been using TD for a few months now. At first it was a leap of faith to use a digital diary but it ensures that you don't overlap anyone. I also like the fact that it's easy to personalise your pupils progress records to suit the subjects that you teach.
Hardly any cancellations as it reminds pupils a day beforehand. So far I love it, and would highly recommend this app.
Frank Denholm
16:34 05 Sep 19
A must have app for your driving school. It does what it says on the tin. Recommend 100%
Adrian Jones Adi
10:04 28 Apr 20
What can I say about total Drive probably wouldn't fit in this box but, put simply it is a driving instructor must have app. Very simple to use, very efficient and the customers love it. Also, Tom at total Drive is always accessible and extremely helpful.
Michael Gambin
13:49 07 May 20
Incredibly good app, the developers have been amazing from the start - very flexible and adaptable, they listen to the instructors using it day in day out. Students love the app too! Very easy to use and book lessons in, brilliant for driving schools with many instructors as well. Love being able to book lessons and tests, record outcomes of tests, have customisable reflective logs and progress planners, be able to record income and expenses, and have a set of resources available to students through the app. Wouldn't change the app for anything, it's an amazing price for what you get!
Laura Morris
14:31 12 May 20
Total drive is a great application that you can use to communicate with your learners. It has totally changed the way that I work and it is so much easier to keep in touch with everyone. Brilliant and really simple to use. A must have for all driving instructors.
Thanks so much for everything
Duncan Thorn
21:27 07 May 20
I recommend everything. My pupils love it & are booking in as soon as I put in my availability, instead of booking in at the last minute. Don’t know what I did without it. I think it would be even better if I was alerted if I double booked a lesson by mistake. Thanks.
Alexis Patterson
19:33 28 Sep 20
Well worth £10 a month!
Especially love that you can 'Add a gap' for last minute cancellations.
The pupils love seeing feedback at the end of the lesson on the summary section and gives them much more motivation than the typical pen and paper style books which used to get forgotten from time to time or 'Lost'
5* Keep up the good work Total Drive. 😊🤞🏼
Keeley Billplant
13:15 23 Sep 20
Just spent the morning meeting with the app developers and I must say this app is brilliant. A must have for Driving Instructors.
James Comley Adi
14:41 19 Jun 19
Great app for driving schools with multiple instructors. Constantly being developed and improved with new functionality on the way. Best of all is the level of service and support from Tom Wotton, always answers my questions straight away. Highly recommended for independent instructors and large schools.
Howard Floyd
11:32 25 Jun 20
Total Drive has been a hugely beneficial tool for my business. Nothing has been too much trouble for the developers who have been extremely helpful and accommodating. Highly recommended by Driving Dynamix
Christina Humphries
14:03 20 May 20